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Prepare For PRP Treatment

Giving You the Best Experience

  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated before and after your treatment. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol 24 hours prior to appointment.

  • Eat healthy and maintain your iron and protein levels by eating a well balanced diet including fish, beans, fruits, vegetables, pasta, bread and non dairy products. 

  • Avoid Fatty and high cholesterol foods such as butter, whole milk, ice cream, fried foods, donuts, protein bars, eggs, steak, hamburgers, chicken, pizza, gravy and heavy sauces. 

  • NO anti-inflammatory medications or supplements 5 days prior and 5 days post PRP treatment. This INCLUDES vitamin supplements specific to anti-inflammatory, ibuprofen, advil, naproxen, alieve, toradol, and steroids. 

  • Cleanses area with antibacterial soap prior to arrival the day of your treatment. 

  • Bring a wrap or brace if applicable for any joint injection. 

  • You CAN NOT RECEIVE PRP injections if you have abnormal platelet function, low platelet count, anemia, cancer, infection, fever, illness or dehydration.

  • Always contact the office if you have any questions prior to your PRP treatment. 615 970-2015

Organic Vegetables

What is PRP?


Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma can not only help to turn back the hands of time in aesthetics, but it can also trigger the healing process for joint pain that so many of us experience throughout our lifetime. It is the safest treatment option on the market today. Using your body's own product eliminates the chance of any allergic reaction, sterile processing and technique helps to ensure the risk of infection is minimal.

  • Arthritic Knees

  • Rotator Cuff Injury

  • Hip Pain

  • Tennis Elbow

  • PRP Facial

  • PRP Hair Growth

  • PRP Face Lift

  • PRP Radio Frequency Micro-needling

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