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Vibroacoustic Therapy

Since the beginning of time, history can show, low frequency vibrations have been used to treat various conditions within the body.

Australian aboriginals, Tibetan monks, Native Americans, African tribes, Shaman and Gregorian Chants have been known to use sound in this way. These are just a small example of how the human race have been exploring the powers of sound and harnessing its power to control the body and the mind.

Low frequency toning was used to calm the mind.

Drumming and chanting were used to put the mind in a state of trance and also used to excite and mentally prepare warriors before war.


We are now beginning to see and study the true powers of sound. Scientists have shown how to explode cancer cells with sound.

Researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultra sound technology that clears the brain from plaque that is responsible for the memory loss and cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s patients.

In Israel they have successfully completed heart surgery, performing a cardiac catheterization using sound waves.

Doctors have successfully used ultrasound to treat prostate cancer in a new study, providing a new alternative to surgery.


So how do we maintain our bodies and correct them before “dis-ease” eases its way in?


This is where the use of vibroacoustic therapy and treatments begin.

Between 1968 and 1980 Olav Skille studied the use of low frequency vibration as a treatment for developmentally delayed children. He used sinusoidal sound waves between 30hz and 120hz. The treatment included a single frequency with the amplitude modulating between 6 to 8 seconds, to create a pulsing sensation. His first prototype was introduced in 1980. Since then, further studies, research, development in products have been made. Vibroacoustic technology can now be found in hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, old age homes, health clubs and alternative health centers all over the world.


Vibroacoustic technology is a therapy that uses low frequency transducers, or speakers, built into a chair, bed, massage table, cushions, pillows and stuffed animals.

The low frequency vibrates through the medium and into the body. Since sound moves through solid objects (bones and muscles) and 10 times faster through water (we are made up of 70-80% water) the human body is a sponge soaking up vibrations.

Since everything in our body and in the universe vibrates, and has a resonant frequency, it is very important for us to receive positive stable vibrations and not the chaotic forms surrounding today’s technology and the sources disrupting our connection to natures vibration.


The human body is sensitive to sound and frequencies, vibroacoustic sound wave therapy focuses on the physical parts of the body as well as the mental parts of the body. It sends energy between cells, stimulating cells and neural pathways, and clearing blockages. It changes brainwave frequencies that can help patients relax and bring awareness to the body.


Studies show that physiologically it reduces oxygen consumption, decreases blood pressure, slows heart rate, slows respiration rate, relaxes muscles, increases blood flow, strengthen muscles, improve range of motion and reduces pain. Mentally vibroacoustic therapy clears the mind from anxiety, reduces stress, enhances creativity and creates peace within the body.

“Music is a form of behavior which is unique for the species of human beings and is used for emotional communication” OLAVE SKILLE


Everyone can benefit from vibroacoustic therapy.


We begin to feel what it’s like to communicate with ourselves, re-connecting the mind and body creating a coherence between the heart and brain.


It relieves any physical and mental discomfort relaxing our entire system.


It is an aid to help people meditate, and for the experienced meditator it takes meditation to another level.


With life feeling so demanding at times and finding it hard to escape all of life’s chaotic frequencies, vibroacoustic technology provides us the relief and release to create harmony within the body down to the cellular level.


It is an internal massage for the soul.

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