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PEMF Mat Instructions

Body - Mind - Earth Connection  

Health is a state of being. Connection to the earth, its fields and all the elements are needed for life. Ill health is a mirrored state of being disconnected. The earth emits the same frequencies our tissues and cells absorb, our mind operates at, and our body radiates and projects back into the world.  


What PEMF Creates:  

1. Recharges the transmembrane potential of all cells.  

2. Increased ATP production in the mitochondria.  

3. Enhances the sodium/potassium pump.  

4. Increases cellular PH and makes the cells and body more alkaline.  

5. Improves oxygen uptake and absorption by the cells.  

6. Lowers blood viscosity and improves circulation and microcirculation.  

7. Creates a healthy level of electroporation for improved nutrient uptake and elimination.  


Health is literally an energy game at the cellular level, no exceptions. If your cells have energy, you are healthy. If not, you get sick. Keeping your cells charged in the healthy range can radically extend your lifespan. PEMF devices are the most effective anti-aging tool available. PEMF with the earth frequency is a scientifically proven treatment to improve health at the cellular level.  


What to look for in a PEMF device:  

1. Low frequency, between 0-30 hertz.  

2. Low intensity, between 10-35 gauss.  

3. Square or sawtooth waveform.  

4. Copper tightly wound circular coils.  

5. Pulsed electromagnetic field that changes its charge from positive to negative. This is what creates microcurrents.  


** PEMF will cause a massive cellular detox. Are you healthy enough to detox? Maintain a healthy amount of ionized water intake. The means water, not mixed with anything but more water. 



PEMF Mat Instructions 


There are very few contraindications to PEMF. They include any persons who have a pacemaker, or an electrical implant that operates from a battery. It is also recommended to refrain from PEMF during pregnancy


Taking a supplement that can give your body antioxidants, drinking lots of plain filtered water and eating a well-balanced diet are all important factors in making sure you have the best possible results. It is not uncommon to have a headache and even body aches during and after the first few sessions. It usually subsides and is commonly related to the detoxification effect of starting PEMF therapy.  

PEMF therapy can be effective at treating and relieving a wide range of conditions and symptoms, but which one is best for you? 

This short guide explores the basics of frequency as it relates to PEMF therapy, and we provide you with the latest guidelines for using PEMF to treat a wide range of conditions. 

If you have a chronic disease or symptom that would benefit from electrotherapy, keep reading to learn more about how PEMF can help you and how to get the most from your treatment sessions. 


What is PEMF Therapy 


Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is the use of low-intensity, low-frequency electromagnetic fields to restore cells to their proper function. 

It has been approved for use in treating many medical conditions, and medical research has also pointed to its effectiveness in treating a wide range of issues. 

Doctors and medical professionals have long known the benefits of using electromagnetic fields to heal the body. 

One of its earliest applications was in the healing of bone fractures, particularly those that are at risk for non-union or delayed union. 

Doctors have been claiming since the mid-1800s that electricity could help heal bones, but it was not until 100 years later that these claims were studied and verified. 

Electromagnetic fields are generated from a change in the magnetic field of an object. 

To create the electromagnetic pulses necessary for PEMF therapy, an electrical current is passed through a metal coil, which generates a magnetic field. 

When a magnetic field is created using a changing electrical current, it is referred to as an electromagnetic field. 

Pulses of this electromagnetic energy are emitted from devices in various wavelengths, frequencies, and intensities to heal the body. 


How Electromagnetic Fields Can Affect the Body 


When an electromagnetic field is introduced, it affects the behavior of all charged objects that are within the range of the field. 

Because your body’s cells have an electrical charge and indeed emit their own magnetic field, they are influenced by these pulses of energy, as well. 

When you pass a magnetic field over the body, then, it changes you at your most basic, cellular level. 

Every cell in your body contains organelles known as mitochondria, which are responsible for generating the energy the cell needs to perform its basic functions and to repair itself, eliminate wastes, and to create new cells. 

These mitochondria need nutrients to perform their functions, and when you expose your cells to electromagnetic fields, you increase the movement of nutrients, ions, and other helpful components into the cell, thereby boosting the ability of each mitochondrion to do its job. 

The healthier your mitochondria, the healthier your tissues, and your whole body. 

PEMF therapy also provides a boost of energy to your cells because the frequencies that are most often used in this form of treatment are similar to those that your cells naturally resonate with. 

The closer the match, the better you will be able to influence the function of the cell. 

When the magnetic field affects the cell membrane channels, they open up and not only allow nutrients to enter but also wastes to exit the cell, thus restoring balance and function to damaged, aging, or dysfunctional cells. 

Each cell in your body has a specific purpose that is related to the type of tissue that it is a part of. 

Some cells are part of muscles or other soft tissues, while others make up organs, skill, or nerves. 

Every cell has a specific function, and when large groups of cells are unable to work correctly, that tissue starts to malfunction or becomes injured, which can lead to disease, symptoms, or other problems. 

The more you can focus the PEMF therapy on the correct cells, the better you are able to influence their function and improve your overall health. 


The Role of Frequency in PEMF Therapy 


Pulsed waves of electromagnetic energy that are emitted by PEMF devices vary in three ways. 

They may have different waveforms, intensities, or frequencies. 

While waveforms can vary, there is little evidence that different waveforms have different effects on cells. 

Because all PEMF devices use low-intensity energy, they are all considered to be safe to use. 

The most significant difference and the one that will likely have the most considerable influence on your condition or symptom is the frequency of the waves that you use. 

Frequency is a measure of how many waves per second are emitted. 

The longer the wave, the fewer pulses per second you will experience. The frequency of electromagnetic fields is measured in cycles per second, which is called Hertz or Hz. 

Nearly all PEMF devices that are available for at-home use produce very low-frequencies, usually ranging from 1-100 Hz. 

Some are capable of emitting much higher frequencies, up to 10,000 Hz, while still others may exceed these levels to emit extremely high frequencies. 

Your body and all organisms and objects on Earth generate a range of frequencies. 

And because the distinct types of cells in your body must communicate not only with like cells but also diverse types of cells, they use different frequencies for these communications. 

You do not have to look any farther than the brain to see this in action, as your mind has found distinct brain wave states, commonly referred to as Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Theta. 

Each of these uses a discrete frequency and, when you match those using external electromagnetic waves, you can influence your brain activity. 

While some frequencies can excite the brain, others can calm it. 

Scientists are still learning about how specific frequencies may be more or less beneficial for treating a particular condition, but it requires a great deal of data and subjects to obtain reliable results. 

What we do know from the years of study on PEMF therapy is that different people may respond in different ways to the same type of PEMF treatment, which means that what works for one person may not work for you. 

And, as your body heals and becomes stronger, you may respond differently to the same frequencies over time. 

Thus, pinpointing the exact frequency that is best for your disease, condition, or symptom can be difficult. 

For most, it will require some amount of trial and error to determine which wavelengths will provide you with the best possible outcome, and you should always pay attention to your body’s response to therapy sessions so that you can make adjustments over time. 

None of the frequencies listed will cause your body any harm, and PEMF therapy is deemed to be quite safe for the vast majority of people to use. 

The following chart represents the recommended frequencies or frequency ranges that can be used to treat the listed conditions. 

The duration of your sessions can be anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes depending on your need and whether your condition is chronic or acute. 


Lower Frequency less than 5 hz at Night 15-30 min 

Higher Frequency greater than 5 hz during the day 15-30 min 

For Energy and IMPROVED Immune Response, please do the Experimental PEMF Treatment on top of the Head, bottom of the Feet, along the Center of the Chest on the Heart Center, Solar Plexus and below the Navel, using the Frequency of 8 Hz.

When you are treating the Whole Body, the Magnetic Coil/Transducer should be placed on the Area about 5" above the Navel.

You can also use your Magnetic Coil/Transducer to experiment with other PROVEN &/or Experimental Frequencies (up to 3000 Hz.).

If DETOXIFICATION becomes TOO UNCOMFORTABLE or ANY ADVERSE Reactions occur, then DISCONTINUE &/or MODIFY the Experimental PEMF Treatment, and if possible, try to continue this Experimental PEMF Therapy Treatment.


According to FDA Regulations:
*Consult your Physician before use.
*CAUTION - The Magnetic Coil/Transducer should never be used with a Frequency LOWER than 5 Hz., while driving a Vehicle to AVOID the DANGER of falling ASLEEP at the Wheel.

*The Magnetic Coil/Transducer can produce Frequencies, which tend to dissolve Blood Clots. Therefore, this Unit should NOT be used in the following circumstances:
(1) on anyone, who has a Phlebitis.
(2) on anyone, who has Thrombosis, especially using 10 Hz.
(3) on anyone, who has NOT had several weeks of GOOD Healing after Major or Minor Surgery.
(4) on anyone, who has suffered a Stroke, which was caused by an Artery rupturing in the Brain.

or in the following circumstances:
(1) on anyone, who is Pregnant or is suspected of being Pregnant.
(2) on anyone, who has Epilepsy &/or Convulsions.
(3) on anyone, who has a Psychotic Disorder.
(4) on anyone, who has Glaucoma.
(5) on anyone, who has Back Problems.
(6) on anyone, who has Hypertension with resistance to Medical Therapy.
(7) on anyone, who has Heart Problems, especially using 1 Hz.
(8) on anyone, who wears a Pacemaker &/or a Defibrillator, especially using 1 Hz.


Condition/Symptom/Disease and Optimal Frequency/Range 

Acne 10 – 15 Hz 

Allergies 5- 10 Hz 

Alzheimer’s Disease 2- 8 Hz 

Arrhythmia 7- 8 Hz 

Angina 2- 8 Hz 

Arteriosclerosis 7- 10 Hz 

Asthma 7- 10 or 12- 15 Hz 

Anxiety 2 – 8 Hz 

Bronchitis Acute- 4 Hz, Chronic- 12 Hz 

Bruises 10- 14 Hz 

Carpal tunnel syndrome 6 or 20 Hz 

Cervical Vertebra Pain 15 – 20 Hz 

Chronic blepharitis 1-    2 Hz 

Chronic pelvic pain 5- 7 Hz 

Circulatory dysfunction 7- 10 Hz 

Constipation 5 Hz 

Crohn’s Disease 12- 22 Hz 

Cystitis 5- 8 Hz 

Dental and oral diseases 30 Hz 

Depression 3 or 20 Hz 

Diabetes 12- 22 Hz 

Dizziness 10 – 15 Hz 

Eczema 10 – 15 Hz 

Erectile Dysfunction 6 Hz 

Fibromyalgia 18 Hz 

Fractures 10 or 20 Hz 

Frozen shoulder 7- 8 Hz 

Glaucoma, atrophy of the optic nerve 12- 22 Hz 

Headache 3 or 6- 10 Hz 

Hepatitis 12- 22 Hz 

Herniated disc 16- 20 or 30 Hz 

Hyperactivity 20 Hz 

High blood pressure 1-    5 Hz 

Immune system enhancement 24 Hz 

Joint dislocations and sprains 10 Hz 

Ligament injuries 10- 15 Hz 

Low blood pressure 20 – 24 Hz 

Lumbago 10 or 20 Hz 

Lymphatic disorders 12- 22 Hz 

Menopause 5 – 8 Hz 

Menstrual pain 5- 7 Hz 

Migraines 4 – 10 Hz 

Multiple Sclerosis 5, 13 or 20 Hz 

Muscles strains 11- 15 Hz 

Musculoskeletal pain 10 Hz 

Nerve pain or neuropathy 6 Hz 

Neuralgia Trigemini 15 – 20 Hz 

Neurodermatitis 10 – 15 Hz 

Nonunion fractures 10 or 20 Hz 

Osteoarthritis 8- 12 or 18 Hz 

Osteonecrosis/osteochondrosis 10 or 19- 20 Hz 

Osteoporosis 8- 10 or 15- 19 Hz 

Pain from wound healing 11- 15 or 17 Hz 

Parkinson’s Disease 20 Hz 

Periostitis 6 Hz 

Phantom pain 16- 19 Hz 

Poor circulation 2-    6 or 20 Hz 

Prostatitis 3-    8 Hz 

Psoriasis 12- 22 Hz 

Psoriatic arthritis 12- 22 Hz 

Psychosomatic Syndrome 22 Hz 

Raynaud’s Syndrome 15 Hz 

Respiratory diseases 12- 22 Hz 

Rheumatoid Arthritis 10 or 20 Hz 

Sciatica 16- 20 Hz 

Skin Allergies, Decubitus, Ulcus Cruris 10 – 15 Hz 

Sleep disorders 1-    5 Hz 

Spinal injuries 12- 22 Hz 

Stomach aches 10 Hz 

Stress 3 or 5 Hz 

Stroke 7- 10 or 20 Hz 

Swelling (Edema) 10 Hz 

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) 12- 22 Hz 

Tendinitis 8 Hz 

Tinnitus 10 Hz 

Tuberculosis (TB) 4 Hz 

Wound healing 1- 5 Hz 

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